SmartCells Success: 20 Miles a Day and No Pain

10420414_10206499467276924_2171141637369481268_nFor those of you who may not know me yet, my name is Suzanne and I work with the marketing team. I live in beautiful Bend, Oregon with my husband Mike and our two daughters Hannah, age 12, and Gretchen, age 10. I joined the company in June and I have enjoyed working with and getting to know each of you over the course of the past few months.

Looking back to the start of my journey with SATECH, I could not have predicted that our family would personally experience the SmartCells difference.

It all started with a pair of SmartCells insoles back on July 1…

My husband, Mike, works as a full-time package delivery driver for UPS here in Bend, OR.  UPS drivers typically are on their feet anywhere from 12-20+ miles per day. Mike has the fit bit stats to prove it!

Being in an aggressively physical job and having to be on his feet, my husband immediately wanted to try out the SmartCells insoles. Over the course of the past couple months Mike has gone over 500 miles on his feet. His shoes are pretty much shot, but the insoles are still going strong and have made a huge difference in his daily comfort and energy levels.

Here is what Mike has to say about his personal experience:

“I have worked for over a year as a full-time package delivery driver at UPS.  My daily delivery route requires me to be on my feet and walk anywhere from 12-20 miles per day.

When I first began as a UPS driver my knees and legs would ache after I was done with my work day.  My wife gave me a pair of SmartCells Insoles to try and I started using them July 1, 2016. Over the course of the past few months I have noticed that my knees and legs don’t ache like they used to at the end of my work day.

I believe that the SmartCells Insoles have made a positive difference in my life and I feel good after a long day on my feet. 20 miles a day and still no pain!  Thank you SmartCells.” –Mike, UPS Driver­


By: Suzanne Gainey