SmartCells Fall Protection Data & Research

Study Finds a Significantly Reduced Fracture Rate for Falls on SmartCells Cushioning Technology

“There was a marked tendency for residents falling on Dual-Stiffness Flooring to have less bruising and abrasions while having more redness and cuts. There were two fractures on regular flooring (2.4% fracture rate) and none on the Dual-Stiffness flooring (0% fracture rate).”

Dual Stiffness Research Report (PDF)

SmartCells® Performance Compared to Other Novel Compliant Flooring

This recent study shows that SmartCells® significantly reduces peak impact force to the head when compared to vinyl, commercial carpet, residential carpet, and other “impact absorbent flooring”.

SmartCells® Compliant Flooring Research (PDF)


Retrospective Clinical Study: SmartCells Senior Care Fall Protection Flooring May Reduce Injuries by 50%

“Falls on regular flooring resulted in almost twice the number of injuries compared to those on SmartCells®.” This is the result of a long-awaited clinical study on the effectiveness of SmartCells® dual-stiffness fall protection flooring, conducted by Ottawa, Ontario researchers at Élisabeth-Bruyère Research Institute, the Department of Family Medicine – University of Ottawa, the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, and Bruyère Continuing Care.

Dual Stiffness Flooring Clinical Research (PDF)


Biomechanical Evaluation of Bedside Mats

This study compares the force reduction of bedside mats to unprotected floor and includes 144 different trials with conclusions and results. Selected excerpts from research Presented by John Lloyd, PhD, CPE, and Brian Schulz, PhD, at the “Transforming Fall Prevention Practices” Conference, Clearwater, FL, April, 2008.

Biomechanical Evaluation of Bedside Mats (PDF)


Comparison of Force Attenuation & Influence on Balance

Ninety percent of fractures are due to falls. Low stiffness flooring may be an effective means for preventing fractures in high-risk environments.

Comparisons of Force Attenuation & Influence on Balance (PDF)


Pilot Study to Assess Mobility Safety on a Dual-Stiffness Floor

Falls and injury are significant issues for older adults,the aging society,and the health care system. SATECH Inc. has produced a SmartCells®, dual-stiffness flooring product, which has been shown anecdotally to reduce morbidity related to falls in older adults.

Mobility Safety on a Dual-Stiffness Floor (PDF)


How Flooring Can Reduce Fall Risk & Injury

Given the effect of falls on a resident’s life as well as the facility’s bottom line, the use of advanced types of flooring merits serious consideration.

How Flooring Can Reduce Fall Risk & Injury (PDF)


Fall-Related Injury Statistics

Annually, 1 in 25 older people in residential aged care settings sustains a hip fracture

1/3rd of hip fracture patients were living in a nursing home at the time of the fracture

Approximately 20% of older adults hospitalized for a hip fracture die within a year and about 50% will suffer a major decline in independence


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Cause of Death in Seniors
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