SATECH Thanks Package Delivery Workers

14881185_10209394218883905_1497955733_oThank you for your service


At SmartCells Cushioning Technology we want to thank you for your work in our communities.  We can only imagine the demands that your job entails.  We know you put in long hours, are often out in terrible weather, and you still tirelessly give of yourself day in and day out.  With the holiday peak season approaching we want to say thank you for making it happen and getting our packages to us every single day.  Thank you.

In Appreciation

This month SmartCells Cushioning Technology is saying thank you to those who step up and go the extra mile and serve in their professions, their families, and their communities.  We are grateful for you and the many sacrifices, hard work and efforts you have unselfishly made for others.  As a small token of our thanks we are offering you, your co-workers, your family, and your friends a 20% discount on any purchases made online at our website.  Simply use coupon code THANKYOU2016 at during checkout to enjoy 20% off our retail pricing because we believe delivering packages shouldn’t hurt. Feel good with SmartCells.

Paying it Forward

During the months of November and December 2016 SmartCells Cushioning Technology will donate a portion of every sale made online with coupon code THANKYOU2016 to the charity organization “The Independence Fund”, which supports our injured and wounded Veterans.