SATECH, Inc. Hits 3 Consecutive Million Dollar Months

Wow, we have had some phenomenal months here at the shop, we shipped over 1 million dollars of product the months of June, July and August and are on track for another 1 million in shipped product for September.

We have made it through the backlog of orders from the beginning of the year and will see our lead times shrinking going into the fourth quarter.

Capacity outlook is improving, our next press will be coming online the beginning of September increasing our capacity in 3X5’s and flooring. We expect another press to arrive in November and to be online before the end of the year, this press will give us more capacity in flooring and 2X3’s.

2016 has been an exciting year so far, I continue to see our core values being demonstrated creating a positive impact on our results, thanks to everyone for their hard work and commitment.

By: Bob Bishop, VP Operations