SATECH Goes to the State Fair

In a nearly last minute decision, SATECH committed to a booth at the Washington State Fair. In a pinch, the Sales, Marketing and Operations departments teamed up to prepare the company for the fair, and it was a great success. Here are some of the experiences from the team manning the booth at the fair.



I am still pinching myself at what an amazing company we get to work for and the opportunity to try new things to see what works. I feel the fair was such a great experience, I’ve gained confidence in explaining the products, and watching how co-workers explain the technology has helped me to develop my own style. I thoroughly enjoyed getting know some of the team better. Although, I wish I could have worked with everyone. It was fun to hear different ideas and from companies that already use our product and love it! We have got some amazing leads and contacts that I can’t wait to follow up on. We are going to be busy! The only negative was the extra 5 pounds from all the fair food.


Everyone has lots of great things to say about this amazing opportunity. Aside from the leads and getting the word out about our product, there is one thing that really stands out about this experience to me. It is that Jodi, John and even Joel have done an exceptional job talking to others about our product and explaining the technology.

Over the last 4.5 years, seeing new people come on board with us without receiving all of the information about our technology has always been a struggle in my position. However, with these new reps having the exposure at the fair as soon as they join our team, and being forced to tell our story it has better equipped them to sell the technology moving forward. I feel confident about John and Jodi going out to sell our product having had all of this exposure and experience.


I’m impressed with the teamwork and attitude that brought this all together in a short period of time. We committed to an intense month-long experiment that required action from sales, marketing and production; and everyone stepped up without hesitation.

I love the flexibility here that allows us to make decisions and changes on the fly as we see fit, that freedom proves to me we are all working hard toward the same goal of growing our company. I appreciate all those who helped man the booth so I could get some time away from my “volunteerism”, I enjoyed working with all of you.

I appreciate Joel’s leadership on this, he knew my initial vote was not to go but he committed, so I committed, and we’ve had some short term successes that were unexpected. I have high hopes our follow-up on leads and information will take us to greater long-term successes, the real work starts when the fair closes.

We want to thank everyone involved. We couldn’t have had the success we did at the fair without your help. Thank you.