Anti-Fatigue Mat – Octagonal


SmartCells® Octagonal Anti-Fatigue Mats are ideal for single work-stations. 100% portable, SmartCells® Octagonal Anti-Fatigue Mat features molded in rubber edges and handles for your convenience.

Options Available:

Colors: Black, Light Brown, Grey

Size: 22″ x 22″ x 0.5″


Call for Special Options:

  • grease resistant
  • static-safe
  • drain-through
  • anti-slip
  • additional colors

Delivery: Direct ship (allow 2-3 weeks)

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Size: 22″ diameter

Thickness: .5″

Weight: 5 lbs.

Composition: EPDM Rubber

Cleaning: Sweep, vacuum or damp mop

Colors: Black/Light Brown/Grey

Edges: Solid molded rubber

Mat Rubber Edging

Molded-in rubber edges resist damage and stay flat

Drain-through Option: 0.375′ holes 1.5″ on center





Lt. Brown

Light Brown

Additional colors, finishes and surface textures available upon request

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