Fall Protection Custom Flooring

Get rid of mats as trip hazards! 

No more having to moving mats or worrying about cluttered, unsafe areas. 

Eliminate infection control issues associated with foam-based products.

Provide protection where fall are most likely to occur, not just where we hope they will occur.

Our custom anti-fatigue flooring gives larger areas the protection and comfort of SmartCells® fall protection technology.  SmartCells® Cushioned Flooring acts as an underlayment for carpet tiles and vinyl, to make your custom anti-fatigue floor not just safe and comfortable, but as warm and elegant as you need it to be.

Please contact SATECH, Inc. to obtain a quotation for SmartCells Fall Protection Custom Flooring.

Phone: (360) 748-8711

Toll-Free: 1 (888) SATECH1 or (888) 728-3241

Fax: (360) 748-8822

Email: info@smartcellsusa.com

Size: 3’x3′ tiles

Thickness: 1″

Weight: 3lbs. per square foot

Composition: EPDM/SBR Rubber

Cleaning (if not used as underlayment): Sweep, vacuum or damp mop

Colors (if not used as underlayment): Black/Grey/Light Brown/Blue(poly coating and flecking options

Delivery: Direct ship (allow 3-5 weeks)

Delivery: Surface Coverings: sheet vinyl or vinyl-backed carpet tile — (Call for list of approved coverings)

SmartCells 3′ x 3′ x 1″ anti-fatigue custom flooring panels are loose laid (no adhesive necessary), edge adhered, then custom fit to the space. All perimeter edges are sealed, making a single monolithic, sealed pad. Easy-access transition edging is applied where needed.

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