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SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Insoles:

SmartCells Insoles

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SmartCells 30 day money back guaranteeSmartCells® Shoe Insoles are specifically designed to maximize fatigue relief from standing and walking activities. They are based on the same patented-design used in SmartCells® flooring and matting, which has been chosen by leading companies that are well known for searching out and applying best practices related to worker health and safety, and productivity

Where workers are too mobile to make anti-fatigue matting or flooring practical, SmartCells® now offers the perfect solution: The Anti-Fatigue Insole. SmartCells® Shoe Insoles provide the same dynamic and responsive cushioning characteristics as other SmartCells® products and are easily differentiated from typical foam and gel inserts.


Choose Which Insole Is Best For You:

SmartCells® Standard Anti-Fatigue Insoles  —  Cushioning used with or without orthotic devices

SmartCells® Therapeutic Anti-Fatigue Insoles  —  Cushioning + Stability & support for typical standing and light walking

SmartCells® Active Orthotic Anti-Fatigue Insoles  —  Cushioning + extra stability and support for walking and more vigorous activities


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Shoe Insoles

SmartCells® Triple Action Technology:

  • SmartCells® are engineered to relieve your discomfort by becoming softer when compressed and to resist bottoming out.
  • As SmartCells® absorb energy and begin to compress, they act like miniature springs, storing their energy until the pressure is relieved.
  • SmartCells® get softer with pressure, as the cell walls collapse outwardly, they then spring back, returning energy with a distinctive, active “push-back.”



How SmartCells® Shoe Insoles Work:

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The surface of SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Insoles is a light-weight polyester microfiber material that is easy to clean, dries quickly, mildew resistant, resists abrasions & tearing and wicks moisture away.


For additional comfort, we’ve added ACOR P-Cell® to increase cushion and block moisture. 


SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Insoles relieve discomfort from prolonged standing, support stressed feet, legs and back, cushion standing and walking activities, absorb impact shock, rebound with active spring-like push back, cradle your feet, relieve musculoskeletal distress, and are made of rubber (latex free) that will not absorb moisture.

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Compare SmartCells® to Foam & Gel:

Compare SmartCells Anti-Fatigue TechnologySmartCells Insoles Chart


Foam can be good at energy absorption if it is thick enough.  However, the more force it absorbs, the harder and less comfortable it becomes and tends to bottom out easily, especially as it wears out.


Gel feels comfortable at first touch, but when pressure is applied all of that material simply squishes out of the way.

What our customers are saying ...

  • "[The SmartCells insoles]... feel like less cushion than like a new pair of running shoes, ... that is good.
    I just finished reading "Born to Run" in December. One of the ideas in that book is "less is more", and your feel muscles get weak with too much support. I think the fact that SmartCells absorb shock without to much give is great.

    I plan to run at least 1 race per month in 2014 include 4 Half Marathons and 1 or 2 Marathons on these SmartCells."

    -Michael Miller
  • "[There was a] noticeable improvement with the new [SmartCells] insoles, and would be more than happy to purchase additional items for my other work and dress shoes."

    -Jim Z, Washington State Patrol
  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed my SmartCells insoles. They have held up great, have helped my feet not hurt after walking all day, plus I can feel the rebound from the soles creating a unique feeling. I do not hurt in my lower back or knees as much either."
    -Stephen Letson