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  • SmartCells anti-fatigue insoles are ergonomically designed to keep you feeling good all day long.

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SmartCells PT  —  Performance  Training Mats, Flooring and Insoles for injury prevention and rehabilitation

Personal Training SmartCells Mat



SmartCells provide a stable surface that can unload up to 90% of impact stress on joints and tissue  —  CUSHION WITHOUT COMPROMISING SUPPORT  —

which will enable you to

Do more with less wear and tear


Speed Rehabilitation


Active lifestyles and life choices can add painful and limiting wear and tear on our bodies. Stress / impact forces on our joints and tissue contribute to a whole range of degenerative and debilitating conditions like Osteoarthritis (OA), which commonly affects the knee joint which is now the most common cause of disability in the United States.

The good news is that there are things we can do to mitigate the causes of OA and enable us to continue our healthy, active lifestyles.

Losing only 10 pounds can reduce the risk of future knee OA by 50 percent.  it is estimated that for every pound you lose, you remove about 4 pounds of stress from your knees.  So, individuals who lose 10 lbs. would be subject to a total of 48,000 less pounds of pressure for every mile walked. Physical therapy plays a critical role in the nonoperative treatment of knee OA.    Learning Range-of-motion, strengthening and stretching exercises can improve knee motion.

People who modify their activities can actually slow down the effects of knee OA. For instance, people who normally jog might decide to walk, bike, or swim to reduce impact on their knee joint. The key is to create less strain on joint and tissues.


SmartCells PT Exercise Mats

Small, medium and large sizes tailored to your personal exercise regime.



SmartCells PT Flooring

Customized for your in-house exercise room or rehabilitation facility.  Wall-to-wall comfort and protection.


SmartCells PT Insoles

SATECH, Inc. has blended our world-renowned cushioning technology with the very best technical knowledge of functional insoles and orthotics, through our purchase of Fastech Labs, the visionary, decades-long trend-setter in foot and ankle support.

This perfectly supports our key corporate belief that everyone is an industrial athlete, and should have the very best tools for high performance outcomes.

ptweb4Experience cushioning and support when you are on the go! Select from Standard or Active Insoles.


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How it Works:


SmartCells® Personal Training products have a “resting state” much like a non-compressed spring, with a natural, supportive upright force that provides a compressible, soft surface that is also stable and supportive.



SmartCells® Personal Training Products compress and absorb pressure / impact energy from standing, weight-shifting, walking or the impact of a fall. After reaching a “critical threshold” the cellular structures soften and collapse laterally, without bottoming out. SmartCells® get softer as force is applied and remain in this cushioned “sweet spot” for as long as the pressure remains.



Like miniature springs, SmartCells® Personal Training products store impact energy until pressure is reduced or eliminated. The SmartCells® resilient rubber material and structure work “in-phase” with body movements to actively rebound, releasing their stored energy back into the body.


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Cycling = 1.2 times body weight across the knee Walking = 3-5 times body weight Stair Climbing = 5-7 times body weight across the knee Squat/Jumping = 7-10 times body weight Running = 15 times body weight   References: Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1990 Jun;22(3):357-69. Internal forces of chronic running injury sites. Scott SH1, Winter DA. Nigg BM. Biomechanical aspects of running. In: Nigg BM, editor. Biomechanics of Running Shoes. Champaign (IL): Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc; 1986. pp. 1-25. Weight loss reduces knee-joint loads in overweight and obese older adults with knee osteoarthritis. Stephen P. Messier1,*, David J. Gutekunst1, Cralen Davis1 andPaul DeVita2 Arthritis & Rheumatism Volume 52, Issue 7, pages 2026–2032, July 2005 Creamer P, Hochberg MC: Osteoarthritis. Lancet 1997;350:503-508. Felson DT: Weight and osteoarthritis. J.Rheumatol. 1995;43:7-9. Cicuttini FM, Baker JR, Spector TD: The association of obesity with osteoarthritis of the hand and knee in women: a twin study. J.Rheumatol.1996;23:1221-1226. Felson DT: Weight and osteoarthritis. J.Rheumatol. 1995;43:7-9. Anderson J, Felson DT: Factors associated with osteoarthritis of the knee in the First National Health and Nutrition Examination (HANES I).Am.J.Epidemiol. 1988;128:179-189. Felson DT, Anderson JJ, Naimark A, Walker AM, Meenan RF: Obesity and knee osteoarthritis: The Framingham study. Ann.Int.Med. 1988;109:18-24. Felson DT, Chaisson CE: Understanding the relationship between body weight and osteoarthritis. Baillieres Clinical Rheumatology1997;11:671-681. Schouten JS, van den Ouweland FA, Valkenburg HA: A 12 year follow up study in the general population on prognostic factors of cartilage loss in osteoarthritis of the knee. Ann.Rheum.Dis. 1992;51:932-937.

What our customers are saying ...

  • "I like to use the SmartCells PT mat during my core exercises, squats, jump-roping and transition exercises. The SmartCells PT mat works great because it is cushioned enough to keep me comfortable yet stable enough to help me remain balanced and on top of that, it's easy to clean."

    -Janet, Personal Trainer
  • "I have run over 100 miles on the SmartCells Insoles and they feel great!"

  • "My table tennis training is back in full speed. I've got a jumping pad (PT mat) from SmartCellsUSA that keeps the bottom of my feet from getting sore and lets me get back into my full routine. Hallelujah. They have great insoles too which I use when playing round robins or tournaments. Concrete gym floors are can be a pain."

    - Susan