It’s Time to Give Holiday Stress an Eviction Notice

For many, the holidays are ideally a time to relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends. However, with all the additional gatherings, shopping and cooking, the holidays can become anything but relaxing.

According to statistics gathered by the American Psychological Association, nearly a quarter of Americans reported feeling “extreme stress” during the holidays. Among the top leading causes of stress during the holidays are lack of time (69%), lack of money (69%) and pressure to give/get gifts (51%).

The rampant stress caused by the holiday season not only is unhealthy, it often ruins the entire point of the season. In fact, a survey conducted by Think Finance found that nearly 45% of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas altogether so that they did not have to deal with the stress.

Even though there is a multitude of stressors during the holiday season, the following tips will help you effectively reduce holiday stress.

Stay Organized

This is a two-for-one tip. Not only will staying organized keep your stress level down, chances are getting organized was also one of your new year’s resolution. Having a weekly planner will lower your stress, and ensure you make it to holiday functions, stay on top of work, get rest and have time to complete your holiday shopping.

Set a Budget

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the main stressors during the holiday season is lack of money. Whether you have a lot of people on your shopping list or only a few, setting a spending limit will allow you to shop comfortably without worry of going into debt. If money is an issue, there are several low cost holiday craft/gift ideas on pinterest. After all, it is the thought that counts.

It’s Okay to Say No

If you’re invited to an event that you aren’t particularly keen on you have the right to say no. Being picky with how you spend your limited holiday time will allow you to make time for the gatherings that do mean a lot to you.

Play Games

Playing games during holiday functions is a good way to unwind, distress and have quality family time. Games take the pressure off having to come up with conversation topics which can often be a stressor during a holiday gathering.


Keeping up a normal exercise routine will help you stay healthy, justify that extra holiday treat and melt off the stress.

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