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SmartCells® High Performance Insoles and Orthotics Systems


Additional Revenue Sources for Your Practice  —  Reduced Cost for Your Program

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Functional Orthotics + SmartCells® Cushioning = Products for the Industrial Athlete


Professional athletes, and everyday patients and individuals, have the same expectations.  They “play” in different venues, but want and deserve the very best tools for Peak Performance, Productivity & Winning Results.   SmartCells®

30 years of experience in building personalized orthotics for USA Olympic teams, athletes in every major professional sport, Division 1 and NCAA athletic teams, podiatrists, orthopedic specialists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and coaches and high-profile clinics, has been perfectly blended with the same high-performance cushioning technology revered by organizations who are serious about worker health, safety and productivity (like Boeing, Bank of America, Costco, Amazon, American Airlines, Nordstrom Rack, Kaiser Permanente, REI and many others).

We view everyone as an industrial athlete, deserving of the very best tools for high performance outcomes.

Our key is to help the practitioner put the foot in the right position, and then support it with the best materials available. Adding SmartCells® proprietary cushioning technology provides the missing ingredient for the practitioner to create a whole new generation of cushioned, supportive devices that prevent pain in your feet, knees and throughout your entire body.

The result: A new Generation of Insoles and Orthotics


It’s not Gel. It’s not Foam. It’s SmartCells®.




NOTE: Foam gets harder as it is compressed. — Gel just squishes around.

The SmartCells® cushioning design is optimized for force attenuation and fatigue relief. It’s structure softens under impact and responds as you move.

Fastech Labs, a division of SATECH, Inc. offers multiple programs to increase revenues and / reduce costs:

SmartCells® Cushion Insert


This simple, flat inlay, is a highly effective cushion that fits into almost any shoe or boot — athletic, casual, or work.  Available in two versions: Normal and Active. Just remove your existing insert and slip the SmartCells® Cushion Insert into your footwear.  Sell as an “off-the-shelf” item.

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SmartCells® 3/4 Length Dress Insole


This simple, flat 3/4 length inlay, is a highly effective cushion that fits into any dress shoe.  There is no need to remove your shoe’s existing insole – just slip the SmartCells® Cushion Insert over the top.  Sell as an “off-the-shelf” item.

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SmartCells® Contoured Arch Support


This contoured Cushioned Insole adds heel and arch support for additional stability and will fit into most athletic, casual and work boot or shoe.  Available in two versions: Normal and Active.  Just remove your existing insert, trim to fit and slip the SmartCells® Cushion Insert into your footwear.  Sell as an “off-the-shelf” item.

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NextStep Direct Formed Insoles


This unique orthotic is hand-molded with the foot in a neutral biomechanical alignment.  It is formed to ensure 100% contact with the plantar surface, providing unsurpassed comfort and support.  The entire orthotic, including a solid form-fitted arch support is heated, fitted and cooled on-site and ready to wear in 4 minutes.  This will eliminate the need for plaster casts, long wait-times and high prices.

NextStep Features

Custom fit

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FastStart  —  Direct Formed In-house Custom Orthotics


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Fastech Custom Orthotic System

Full outsourced orthotics lab services include:

Fastech Program Benefits

Details of Program Hardware

Pillow Systems:

  1. Convection oven
  2. Basic pillow box for hand-fitted impressions
  3. Grinder with self-con-tained dust-collector

pillow system


Pillow Box variations:  All “Pillow Boxes” are designed to place the foot in properly positioned (heel raised) posture.  Three different densities of layers foam, allow body weight to be suspended, and the ankle joint to be placed in neutral position by the practitioner, and for the heated material to be massaged into the arch for a hand-on, 100% perfect fit for each foot.

The basic “pillows only” system:

Pillows Only


The pillows with handle system:

Pillow System with Handle


The full system, with raised-pillow box, front and side handles, and spaces for foot placement outside or pillow area:

Full Pillow System



Benefits For Athletic Trainers/UniversitiesBenefits For Private Practice
Saves hundreds of dollars per orthoticAdditional revenue stream for the office -Pays for itself after only a few orthotics

Mold, fit and dispense in minutesAffordable custom orthotics for patients
Fit in almost all types of athletic shoes and cleatsFit and dispense during patient session
Properly aligns foot
for improved speed, balance and injury prevention
Integral part of prevention, treatment
and rehabilitation program
Simple, effective training processEasy to learn -- Easy to do


The SmartCells® Difference: Compare


Method of Building OrthoticInvolves Patient Throughout FittingNo Mold RequiredCompleted in Only a Few MinutesIncludes SmartCells® High-Performance Cushioning
SmartCells® Hand-Molded OrthoticYesYesYesYes
Plaster Cast ImpressionNoNoNoNo
Foam ImpressionNoNoNoNo
Force Plate ImpressionNoNoNoNo