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SmartCells® Fall Protection Mats and technology are useful in any area within your home where protection from fall-related injuries is necessary.  We’ll be there, even when you can’t be!

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Aging In Place:

SmartCells® Fall Protection mats can easily be installed at home.  Fall protection mats, flooring, or drain-through shower and bath tiles can ease the worry of protecting your loved ones from significant, life-altering injuries.


At Home Caregivers:

If you are a care-giver to an elderly parent, developmentally disabled individual or someone who is injury prone, SmartCells® Fall Protection mats and technology is an important consideration.  Retro-fitting or new build-out is easy.  Give us a call to discuss options.


Parents and Grandparents:

Protect those who are most precious and vulnerable!  SmartCells® Fall Protection mats or flooring are perfect for play areas, the base of stairs, or beside a bed or crib where a child could potentially get injured from a fall.


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What our customers are saying ...

  • "I received the tiles for my new shower floor yesterday. I installed them this morning and it was so easy. No rubber mallet or any other tools were required. The tiles were perfectly cut and labeled to the chart and they fit like a glove. I am very happy with this product."
  • "My brother has fallen twice and the floor really works. He feels much more secure now because he knows that if he falls, he will be okay. Everybody also loves the way the floor feels underfoot. We praise the SmartCells® floor to everybody we see!”
    - Marty
  • "I love your product! Easy to install with very clear directions and exact measured tiles. My 87 year old mother has them in her shower and feels very safe with them. They are soft on her feet and non-slippery when wet. This is the perfect product for making showers safer."