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Anti-Fatigue Mat

SmartCells Anti-fatigue pharmacy floor mats, runners, flooring and insoles help you concentrate on your detailed work, not on your discomfort

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Increase productivity and avoid painful, fatigue-related distractions with SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Pharmacy Floor Mats, Runners, Custom Flooring and Insoles.



Anti-Fatigue Pharmacy Floor Mats:

Anti-Fatigue Pharmacy Floor Mats can be used in specific areas where standing is prolonged.  Also, dress up an area with a SmartCells® carpet-topped mat.


Anti-Fatigue Runners:

Anti-Fatigue Runners can be used at individual work stations and in larger work areas.  Custom sizes and special formulations are available to suit your requirements.


Anti-Fatigue Custom Flooring:

Anti-Fatigue Custom flooring is ideal for individual work stations as well as larger work areas where workers spend most of their time.  SmartCells® Custom Flooring can meet clean-room standards and can be used as an underlay for sheet vinyl or carpet tiles.


Anti-Fatigue Insoles:

SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Insoles are ideal for workers who are too mobile to use SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Pharmacy Floor Mats or flooring.



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What our customers are saying ...

  • "I am loving my new mat and have suffered for years from back, neck, and feet problems. I am on my feet as a pharmacist on average 10 hours per day and I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel when I go home at night. I honestly thought it was a coincidence the first few days but every day that passes, my legs don't ache as much and I feel generally better! I absolutely love it and it probably won't be long before the other pharmacists I work with buy a few more. Thank you for an excellent product!!! I'm a believer, would love more people to know about it!"

    -Angela, Pharmacist
  • "The SmartCell mats are wonderful. Not so soft that we sink in, and yet provides good support. I have worked on many mats over the years and this is so far my favorite."

    -Lisa, Clinical Pharmacist, UW Medical Center
  • “The SmartCells® Anti-fatigue floor Mat is the best mat I’ve used in over 30 years as a pharmacist. It looks and performs as well as the day it was installed over 5 years ago (2006). The mat stays in place and doesn’t shift around on the floor. What I like best is going home after a long (or 12 hour) shift with no foot, leg or back discomfort. The SmartCells Mat is a champ!”
    -Cindy, Pharmacist