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The Issue:

Standing at an adjustable height desk is great!  —  Sitting kills.

Prolonged sitting increases risk of:

  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity
  • Weakened Muscles
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Early Death

But, standing is the new career hazard, as prolonged standing can be painful and debilitating.


SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Technology Solution:

  • SmartCells® Anti-fatigue mats, runners, custom flooring and insoles utilize a new generation of cushioning technology specifically developed to help you feel great, and meet your health, safety and productivity needs.
  • Can stay in place for most office chairs.
  • 8 year warranty

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Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats:

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats come in a variety of sizes:  22’ octagonal, 2’x3’, 3’x5’.  Also, dress up an area with a SmartCells® carpet-topped mat.

Anti-Fatigue Runners:

SmartCells Runners can be used at individual work stations and in larger work areas.  Custom sizes and special formulations are available to suit your requirements.

Anti-Fatigue Custom Flooring:

SmartCells Custom flooring is ideal for individual work stations as well as larger work areas where workers spend most of their time, and can be used as an underlay for sheet vinyl or carpet tiles.

Anti-Fatigue Insoles:

SmartCells®  Insoles are ideal for workers who are not just standing, but also on the go!

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What our customers are saying ...

  • "I do notice at the end of the day an improvement in how my back and legs feel (I have a standing desk which I use for my entire 8 hour work shift). Put me down as a satisfied customer. Thanks!”

    -Clifton, Standing Desk User
  • "I love this mat. It was recommended to me by two of my co-workers and they were so right!! It works great with my standing desk!"

  • "I love my mat. I work at a desk all day long and spend 90% of the time standing. I can't sit for more than an hour because of herniated disks in my back. The mat has made a huge difference in my comfort. My feet don't hurt anymore. Thanks for making a great product!"

    -Elaine, Director of Operations