Where-in-the-World is SmartCells?

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Where-In-The-World Is SmartCells?

SmartCells In the Grand Canyon

One of our wonderful customers, Cindy Widmaier took her SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Insoles hiking at the Grand Canyon! Here’s what she had to say about her insoles:

“No blisters. No hot spots. Going down South Kaibab Trail – 8 miles and 5000 ft elevation loss. Returning up out of the Canyon on Bright Angel Trail – 9 miles and 5100 ft elevation gain. These SmartCells insoles performed like champs.”


SmartCells insoles at Grand Canyon

SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Insoles at the Grand Canyon

SmartCells User Competes in Donner Lake Triathlon

“I ran the 6.5m last leg of the race in SmartCells and they felt great. I should note that I bought some new shoes in June and used the soles they came with for a month and got pain in my right calf. So I switched back to SmartCells and I no longer have any pain at all!” -Mike Miller


SmartCells Insoles in the French Alps


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SmartCells Insoles in Las Vegas

I wore my SmartCells Insoles all over Vegas, Hoover Dam, and Red Rocks Nature Preserve.  As always, I was comfortable on my feet all day (some days went from 7AM – 4PM.”  —  Mike

SmartCells in Las Vegas.
SmartCells in Las Vegas.


SmartCells Insoles at the Hoover Dam.
SmartCells Insoles at the Hoover Dam.




SmartCells Insoles in Varanasi, India

“I walked all weekend and never had a sore foot! I think they (SmartCells Insoles) got blessed also!”-Jeff P.


SmartCells Insoles in IndiaSmartCells Standard insoles in India.Comfort can be found worldwide with SmartCells insoles.


SmartCells Insoles at DisneyWorld

“I brought my insoles with me on my trip to Disney World. I used them the first few days at the theme parks and my feet weren’t sore at all. I figured it had to be because it was only the first couple days. I switched to other shoes without my insoles and noticed after just a couple hours that my feet ached. The SmartCells insoles really do relieve fatigue and soreness. I highly recommend these insoles to anyone on their feet for long periods of time. SmartCells insoles are the way to go!” -Ashley Morris, Contract Specialist
SmartCells insoles provide anti-fatigue protection on-the-go.SmartCells insoles provide anti-fatigue protection on-the-go.SmartCells insoles provide anti-fatigue protection on-the-go.

SmartCells At Camp Muir

Product development  —  SmartCells insoles at Camp Muir, 10,000′ level on Mt. Rainier, in Washington State.

SmartCells insoles product development at Camp Muir.

SmartCells Crest Mt. Whitney

I wanted to let you know my experiences using the Active anti-fatigue insoles in my hiking shoes last week.  I carried a 41 pound pack for an elevation gain of 5,500 feet up to 12,500 feet for a distance of 16 miles roundtrip.  I was climbing Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48 states.  This took 3 days.  The first day was to Iceberg Lake at 12,500 feet.  We left the heaviest of our gear there, and the continued to the summit at 14,580 feet.  The entire time of I used the SmartCells insoles and never had any fatigue in my feet, or any blistering (which usually occurs).   This is quite unusual for me, as fifteen years ago I had a severe injury to my big toe which shattered the big joint and during the years it has become painful for me to do a lot of activity.  I continue to do a lot of activity, but with pain and blistering.  This time I had very little pain to my feet and no blistering.  My feet did not get as hot as they usually do, even though one day was close to 80 degrees.  I would highly recommend using these insoles for strenuous physical activity.  My husband couldn’t believe I did so well with my feet either after he has heard me complain so much.  I wouldn’t let him have my inserts on the trip though, he’ll need to get his own for next time.


Valerie Sparks

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SmartCells In The Kitchen

“We’ve had our SmartCells mats for over a month now, and we are very pleased with the mats and with the customer service we received from SATECH. The mats get a lot of use in our small kitchen area. We prefer home-cooked food to restaurant options, so we spend a lot of time standing on the mats while we prep and cook delicious meals. The SmartCells anti-fatigue technology has made a big difference–no more sore backs after long cooking projects! The mat in front of the refrigerator has already kept us from breaking several dropped jars, which has saved money, cleanup time, and cut fingers.  I also use a SmartCells Octagonal mat in front of the standing workstation I improvised on the shelf of a tall bookcase. The small mat provides big comfort when I am working, and it easily slides out of the way when not in use.

We selected standard black mats because we knew our four large dogs would walk on them and lay on them all the time. It’s easy to clean the SmartCells mats. Unlike other rugs and mats we have tried over the years, the talon-like toenails of our two Weimaraners do not catch on or unravel our SmartCells mats.

Thank you.”

-Gary and Mary Horneck

SmartCells Anti-fatigue mats are perfect for any room in your house.

SmartCells in San Francisco

“My family came to San Francisco and I wore my insoles for a week of site seeing in the Bay Area and my feet feel great.” Mike Miller


SmartCells Anti-fatigue Mats with a Standing Desk

“About 4 months ago, I converted my desk into a standing desk and have been looking for ways to reduce the fatigue associated with standing for extended periods of time. I previously purchased a foam anti-fatigue mat and was disappointed with how poorly it performed.  After much research, I discovered SmartCells anti-fatigue mats and decided to give them a try.  I have been using my SmartCells mat for about two months and I have definitely noticed a difference. I am now able to stand for longer periods and enjoy my standing desk to its full potential.” -Kyle Taniguchi

SmartCells Anti-fatigue mats are perfect for any room in your house.


SmartCells Hiking in the PNW

SmartCells Insoles  —  Great in hiking boots to Snow Lake, Cascade Mountains in Pacific Northwest.

SmartCells Insoles in the Mt. Rainier National Forest.

SmartCells Insoles in Maui

SmartCells insoles in Maui.

SmartCells in the Office

“I love this mat.  It was recommended to me by two of my co-workers and they were so right!!  It works great with my standing desk!”-Donna

SmartCells Anti-fatigue mats are perfect for standing desks.

SmartCells in the Wood Shop

“My husband is an avid woodworker but standing on the hard cement floor of
his workroom really takes a toll on his legs. Since receiving the SmartCells
anti-fatigue mat for his birthday, he has been able to spend more time doing
what he loves.” -Regina Mccutcheon

The SmartCells Anti-fatigue mat is perfect for use in any room in your house.

SmartCells with a Standing Desk

“I love, love, love my mat. In this picture, you can see me at the office in front of my multi-table standing desk. The combo is amazing. I probably stand and work for 6-8 hours of day and my knees feel great. Thank you for an excellent product. I’d love to try the insoles.”
-Brian Murphy, CloudLock Inc.



SmartCells Insoles Keep Marathon Runner Feeling Good

“I have run over 100 miles on the SmartCells Insoles and they feel great!” -Mike Miller, Marathon Enthusiast

"I have run over 100 miles on the SmartCells Insoles and they feel great!" Mike Miller"I have run over 100 miles on the SmartCells Insoles and they feel great!" Mike Miller

SmartCells in the Kitchen

“We love our new SmartCells anti-fatigue mat. Seems like we never get out of the kitchen nowadays – and its not because we love doing dishes.  We wish all our floors felt like this.” -Pete & Veronica Meeks


SmartCells Anti-fatigue mats add comfort, relief, and versatility to any room in your house.

SmartCells Fall Protection in the Shower

“I love the SmartCells anti-slip flooring.  I installed it myself in my shower.  I sent in my measurements and the company made sure each tile fit perfectly.  It is comfortable on my feet, the water and soap drain right through drainage holes in each tile and it is easy to clean.  I feel safe and secure in my shower now with this cushioned, anti-slip surface.  It is a great product.” -Sharon Sprayberry, Fall Protection Customer

SmartCells Fall protection shower tiles keep your loved one safe while they shower.


SmartCells Insoles in Australia

SmartCells Insoles keep us going after many hours of exploration.  Here we are at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

SmartCells insoles in Sydney, Australia.

SmartCells Insoles Carry Runner Through 12k

“Sound to Narrows 12k! SmartCells pulled me through, no foot or knee pain.  Love my SmartCells insoles!” -Bryce Betteridge, SmartCells Customer


SmartCells in Australia

“I recently had lower back surgery and decided to convert to a standing desk to reduce the pressure on my spine. I found it very tough to stand on the carpeted floor for my entire working day as my feet would ache. But then I started to use the SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Mat. What a difference it made – standing never felt so good. And the upper back neck pain I was having from sitting all day – gone! No more expensive Chiro for me. I would recommend the SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Mat to any office worker converting to a standing desk.”
-Garth, Managing Director

SmartCells anti-fatigue carpet top mats are perfect for use with standing desks.

SmartCells in Dallas

“I bought a standing desk but discovered the first day that I needed a mat to prevent foot discomfort. I wear dress shoes all day which are not the best for standing long periods no matter how much you spend on them.

After looking at several mat alternatives I decided that the Smartcell technology appeared to be more sound than simple foam or gel that gets compressed or displaced by weight. I can say that I am very pleased with the outcome after using it for a month or so. I do not feel like my feet are on a hard surface noticing some give and take as I shift around. I do eventually get tired of course but it’s not because of foot pain. If I had it to do over again, I would buy the same product.


I’ll also add that I purchased the carpet version since I work in a professional office and it complement the decor very well.


Thank you.”

-Jim from Dallas

Smartcell Photo


SmartCells Insoles Visit Italy

“My wife and I wore them the whole 2 week trip and our feet felt great!” -Michael Miller

smartcellstowerofpisa smartcellsmonalisa smartcells coliseum italy4 italy3 italy2 italy1 italy


SmartCells at the Standing Desk

“I consider it a must. My feet never hurt at the end of the day no matter long I stand. Highly recommended.” – FurnitureLab employee


SmartCells in The Office

“I am definitely satisfied with the mat. I just transitioned from a sitting desk to a stand-up desk based on doctor’s recommendations and the mat is great… I asked my office to special order this mat after researching what was available from our standard vendors which was laughable compared to your technology.” -Susie James



SmartCells Mats are Perfect for Standing Desks

“I am very much enjoying my SmartCells mats. I now stand all day at my computer and the mat makes a tremendous difference to how I feel. Almost feels like my legs are being energized as I work. A lot of colleagues are coming by to check it out.

Thanks for making such a great product.”
-Vicky, Anti-fatigue customer



SmartCells Keep Table Tennis Player Feeling Good

“My table tennis training is back in full speed. I’ve got a jumping pad from SmartCellsUSA (check them out) that keeps the bottom of my feet from getting sore and lets me get back into my full routine. Hallelujah. They have great insoles too which I use when playing round robins or tournaments. Concrete gym floors are can be a pain.” -Susan Haumeder, Anti-fatigue Consumer


SmartCells in Paris


SmartCells User Al Shelley poses the question: “Which is a finer testament to man’s engineering skills?  SmartCells or these architectural marvels?”






SmartCells Anti-fatigue mats in the Kitchen

” The mats are amazing, my knees and feet don’t hurt as before when I have to stand for long periods of time in the kitchen. Thank you for your product, it was what I was looking for!” -G. Torres

gttestimonial gttestimonial1

SmartCells at Panorama Point, Mt. Rainier

panoramapt1 panoramapt2