7 Tips for Back-To-School Success

Here in the Pacific Northwest it feels like summer flew by as fast as the weather changed. In the course of a couple days, the weather went from a sizzling temperature in the low 90’s to a windy and wet temperature in the mid-60s.

This fall-like weather serves as a reminder of the rapidly approaching end of summer and the start of a new school year for students.

This fall, according to the Institute of Education Services (IES), nearly 50.1 million students will be attending public elementary and secondary schools. In addition, the IES estimates over 7 million students will attend high school and another 20.2 million students will take college courses.

As we all know, success lies in the preparation. To help you and your student achieve success in this upcoming school year we took it upon ourselves to do a little research homework and came up with these back to school best practices.

We hope you enjoy them, and if you feel like we missed a helpful hint please feel free to leave it in the comments section.

Tour the School

If your child will be attending an all-new school this fall it is helpful to tour it. Not only will this acquaint the child with the new space and help them learn where all their classes are, it will also help quell some nerves associated with the first day of school.

Meet the Teacher

Often the success of a student relies on an open line of communication between the student, parent and teacher. Many schools offer open houses before the start of the new year and this is a great time to start the partnership.

Get the Routine Down

Transitioning back to a tighter schedule can be difficult for students. A couple days before school officially begins you should start to ease your child into a school year routine.

Meal Time

Prior to the start of the year, it can be helpful to make and freeze several meals that can be eaten in the first couple weeks of the new school year to ease the transition. In regards to student lunches, if you prep them the night before and refrigerate them, it will keep them fresh and reduce the morning rush.

Bus Schedules

Whether you drop your kid off or they take the bus, it is helpful to know the bus routes and schedules. Getting stuck behind a bus can easily lengthen your commute.


As we mentioned earlier, communication is a key part of success. Talk with your student about their day, what they learned and anything else that comes up. This will give your student a chance to reflect on lessons learned and keep you in-the-know on their education as well.

Keep Them Comfortable

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