These 6 Tips Will Save Your Thanksgiving

Turning the clocks back for daylight savings time always seems to wreak havoc. Often the toughest part is going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. You can certainly tell the nights are getting longer and the days shorter.

However, the one saving grace of daylight savings time or shall we say the light in the darkness, is that Thanksgiving and the holiday season is just around the corner.

This Thanksgiving, it is estimated that 51.6 million turkeys and hundreds of thousands of pounds of green beans, cranberries and potatoes will be cooked and consumed. These 6 tips will help you prepare for the countless hours spent in the kitchen prepping and cooking for the big meal. Enjoy!

Start Early
When we say early, we really mean start several days ahead of time. With most turkeys it is necessary to thaw them in the fridge for several days. This speeds up the cooking process. You can also start prepping casseroles and cutting veggies a day or two in advance to help cut down on Thanksgiving Day prep.

Make Something You Know
If you have never hosted or baked the turkey for Thanksgiving yourself, it is always smart to make a couple side dishes you already know how to make. This will be your backup in case something goes wrong with the turkey.

Kentucky Fried Turkey!?
We know this may not be the traditional way to cook Thanksgiving dinner but cutting your turkey into 10-12 pieces and chicken-frying it is a tasty and quick way to make the main course. It also allows people to easily choose their favorite cut.

Play Games
Sometimes it is nice to have help in the kitchen but too many cooks spoil the broth and can be stressful. Planning games such as board games or even a game of football is a great way to get people out of the kitchen and make good memories in the process. A good football game is also a great way to get some exercise in before the big meal.

Hot and Cold
Don’t worry about serving everything hot, there usually isn’t enough room or all the hot plates and it can be stressful. Instead choose dishes that can differ in temperature. For all hot dishes, we recommend serving them in cast iron pans or heavy duty cook ware to keep them warm longer.

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